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Mushrooms, Cuboid Stargates and Contact with Higher Intelligence

The Cuboid Stargate to Video    Contact with Higher Intelligence and the Saturn Hexagon to Video  Advertisements

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911, Pan and the Labyrinth to Video   The 911 Stargate to Video  

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Telepathic TV – 395 – Serpent Mound with Ross Hamilton to Video 

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Ron Paul on Cavuto About The Ed Brown Case

You Tube Thursday June 28, 2007 Ron Paul discusses the Ed Brown case and the Income Tax on Cavuto. Related: Paul denies report he compared NH tax evaders to Gandhi

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Brown Supporter Arrested For Sending E-Mail

Arrest Footage And Selectman Put On Notice Brown Supporter Arrested For Sending E-Mail June 22, 2007 Wise up or die! Those were the words at the end of an email that Joseph Haas of Concord, N.H. wrote at the end … Continue reading

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We Are Change Interviews Ed & Elaine Brown to Video

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Mothman Prophecies to Video  Provided By: theduderinok For thirteen months from November 15, 1966 to December 15, 1967, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia was gripped by a real-life nightmare that culminated in a tragedy that made headlines around the … Continue reading

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