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Encampment to Stop the War

The Encampment to Stop the War has moved to the streets! Advertisements

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Sen. Watson’s toll hearing Set up to Squelch Free Speech This is a video of a citizen speaking at the final CAMPO toll hearing with Sen. Kirk Watson as Chair on Sept 10th, 2007. Like hundreds of others at the final hearing for toll roads in Austin, TX, … Continue reading

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KXAN EXCLUSIVE Exposes TxTAG Double Charges There’s no mention of how TxDOT actually arrives at 150 people a day being double billed. There’s no mention about what TxDOT is doing to fix the problem! If they know how many are being double charged, why don't … Continue reading

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Next on Blue Rose Report: Former FBI CounterIntel Specialist Walter Bosley

Walter Bosley is a world traveling author and explorer of extraordinary phenomena. He has served as a counterintelligence specialist during the final years of the Cold War for the FBI and served as a Special Agent with the Air Force … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks parody in The Simpsons to Video to Video  In Spanish?  Added:  October 08, 2006 From:  DrVonKatze From the episode "Who shot Mr. Burns (part II)". Chief Wiggum receives a clue to solve the case in a pure Twin Peaks fashion, with Lisa … Continue reading

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Cheryl Hall: Vaccine Reactions & Medical

Cheryl Hall: Vaccine Reactions & Medical Cover-Ups Alex Jones speaks with Cheryl Hall, a local Austinite who was told by doctors that she was mandated to take another tetanus shot even though she had already taken the vaccine five years … Continue reading

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Run away the ray-gun is coming : We test US army’s new secret weapon

  Run away the ray-gun is coming By MICHAEL HANLON –  18th September 2007 "Where do I put my finger? There … OK? Nothing's happening … is it on?" "Yes, it's on. Move your finger a bit closer." "Er … … Continue reading

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