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Good News Flower Hour#10 Good News Flower Hour#10. Advertisements

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Dan Akroyd’s spirits

Somehow this has flown under my radar for a couple of months, but Dan Akroyd is marketing his own brand of boutique vodka sold in a skull shaped bottle. What does this have to do with anomalous phenomenon you ask? … Continue reading

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The Bible Unearthed

The Bible Unearthed documentary

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Blind unrealities Blind unrealities. Modern Ancient au Noir, music video I created because I felt like it (after recalling the viewing of Event Horizon the movie). Some prefer to blind you other would prefer sight. Extra wine (or ICE beer) or … Continue reading

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Own Sarah Palin!

Own Sarah Palin!

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Various Videos

Bill Hicks in Chicago 1992 … 2 sec Fritz Springmeier on There4… 1 hr Alex Jones talks about Fran… 7 min nocens 1 min Alex Jones August 14th, 200… 1 hr 1 min Alex Jones August 14th, 200… 1 … Continue reading

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Video RoundUp – February 2009

New Videos from AskACholaTV 054 Radio Chola on Kill Radio . Org Ad #1 New Videos from bahnscott Speedealer- Machinations/ On My Way/ We…????- Live At Emos- Austin- Feb.14, 2009 Speedealer CCCP Cold War Blues Live At Emos In Austin … Continue reading

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