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The Climate Change Bill Has Passed the House

The passage of the “Climate Bill” by the House and its likely approval by the Senate represents the entrée for the complete and total subjugation of any freedoms we had left and the beginning of nightmare regulation and suffocating control … Continue reading

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Graham Hancock on Coast to Coast AM – Shamanism, Aliens & Ayahuasca


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Telecoms Helped Iran Government Censor Internet MUST SEE : NEW TECHNOLOGY :CENSOR N SPY NET : DEMOCRACY NOW. DEMOCRACY NOW Deep Packet Inspection: Telecoms Aided Iran Government to Censor Internet, Technology Widely Used in US… FREE PRESS As thousands in Iran turn to … Continue reading

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Maker Faire 2008 in Austin, Texas

Part 6 Part 8 Maker Faire in Austin, Texas 10/18/2008

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Some 'neighborhood watch': Forde's Minuteman spinoff outfit was about 'starting a revolution against the government' Some ‘neighborhood watch’: Forde’s Minuteman spinoff outfit was about ‘starting a revolution against the government’ | Crooks and Liars. Murder of Innocence Armed Radical ‘Minutemen’ Kill Father and 9-Year-Old Daughter in Anti-Immigrant Hate Journalist calls for rounding up … Continue reading

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Tens of thousands of Chinese fight the police in Shishou It was a dramatic weekend in the relatively small city of Shishou in Hubei province. Tens of thousands of rioters torched a hotel and overturned police cars, after the authorities allegedly tried to cover up the murder of a … Continue reading

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News Busted – Ep. 2-68, June 19 Ep. 2-68, June 19

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