neverknwo's Labor Day Weekend Report

Baphomet meets the Masonic Pentagram: Here is a little clip I put together today after my trip to the 2009 Ligonier Marshmallow Festival over Labor Day Weekend comparing all the occult symbolism….

The 3rd District Campaign for Liberty kicked into high gear today taking it to the streets at this years annual Marshmallow Festival in Ligonier Indiana. This is my video blog of that event and first hand exclusive report.

Masonic Temple Van Wert, OH: I made a stop over the Labor Day weekend in Van Wert, Ohio on my way passing through and made this clip for youtube to see….

‘Weather Weaponry Warfare’ operations produce ‘Cold Air Funnels’ 9/8/9 I watched huge Chemtrail traffic over central OHIO on Sat. and Sun.

I got an inside scoop on the details of this bullet-proof racer at the Marshmallow Festival Parade in Ligonier Indiana on Labor Day 2009….

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