Live From Shiva's Dance Floor

Live From Shiva’s Dance Floor is a short documentary directed by acclaimed filmmaker Richard Linklater. The film follows Timothy “Speed” Levitch as he tours lower Manhattan and Ground Zero. Speed – a philosopher, historian and self-described “cruiser” – believes that “life is an ongoing opportunity for celebration.” The film focuses on how he can reconcile that belief with the devastating events of 9-11 and how we as a city and a society can mourn yet move forward. It also incorporates Speed’s unique vision of what should be done with the “sacred land” that is Ground Zero. This film was originally supposed to be part of an anthology of eight to ten films about 9-11 that the producers were working on for HBO. Their offices were in the Tribeca Film Center and everyday when they stepped out of the building and looked south, they saw the lights and cranes that populated Ground Zero. When the project fell through with HBO, the producers felt they still had something and decided to try and make the film independently. When the producers contacted Speed about the project, he thought Richard Linklater would be the perfect collaborator. Richard – who he knew from working on “Waking Life” – was immediately interested in the project and not only agreed to contribute his valuable time and considerable talents, but brought in some of his top colleagues as well. “Live From Shiva’s Dance Floor” is Linklater’s first documentary.

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