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Power of Meditation: Qigong Master Chi Energy Power of Meditation: Qigong Master Chi Energy This video explores the powers of meditation. This video is about person who has a true gift. If you enjoy this video, please send a link to it to all of your … Continue reading

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Audio Environmental Artist Tony Conrad – TateShots Issue 15 TateShots Issue 15 – Tony Conrad. American artist Tony Conrad employs a battery of amplified strings, film projectors, electric drills and assorted machinery to create a high-octane sonic assault. Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective is a live performance conceived specially … Continue reading

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Broma de extraterrestres termina mal Broma de extraterrestres termina mal.

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Yolanda Madden released from prison, granted retrial

‘KopBusters’ filmmaker hails collective effort to ‘fight corruption’ A high-profile Texas drug prisoner is prisoner no more. On Friday, Dec. 18, a federal judge in Odessa granted Yolanda Madden her freedom, allowing her to walk out of state custody for … Continue reading

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Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief and the Law of Attraction DVD. presentcourse – YouTube Visit  for more information about this film.    This is a trailer of the innovative documentary film Beyond Belief. This film reveals the role beliefs play in creating your … Continue reading

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SRI Uri Geller experiments

SRi Uri Geller experiments videos. Experiments with Uri Geller at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California-Please view all the 4 parts. For further details on Uri Geller includuing his history, interviews, many books and products please click here!

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On The Track Of Unknown Animals Episode 27 CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: On The Track Of Unknown Animals Episode 27 – December 2009.

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