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Burzynski – The Movie – Austin, Texas Showings June 6th

Disclaimer: This documentary film is not directly affiliated with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski MD, PhD, The Burzynski Clinic, or the Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. This film and this web site is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Burzynski, The Movie … Continue reading

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Geraldo – Opium Wonderland In Helmand, Afghanistan

  US Soldiers guarding opium in Afghanistan      Afghanistan’s new cash crop

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JFK Assassination Insider Rod MacKenzie is our guest Sunday night on PsiOp-Radio

Guest Roderick MacKenzie on the JFK Assassination PsiOp Radio 115 – 100516 w/guest Rod MacKenzie LIVE 7-9pm CST / Dealey Plaza & The Dream by Mack White Operation Northwoods by Mack White Join Mack and SMiles Sunday evening … Continue reading

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Banksys "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Banksys Exit Through The Gift Shop Exclusive 5 min Extended Sneak Peek. Hat tip to Jeff at RigorousIntuition OPENS IN CINEMAS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES BEGINNING APRIL 16TH For Exact Theaters And Showtimes Check The Official Website: Exit … Continue reading

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Homemade DIY Lightshow

I Think I See A Baby Universe In There

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Tesla coil at Telluride Tech Festival 2002 Tesla coil at Telluride Tech Festival 2002 pt1. Tesla coil at Telluride Tech Festival 2002 pt2 Tesla coil at Telluride Tech Festival 2002 pt3 Tesla coil at Telluride Tech Festival 2002 pt4

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The Neural Corrolates of Darko Maver The Neural Corrolates of Darko Maver. The experience of art as a distinct phenomenon, separable from other categories of experience, must be represented as a difference in its neural instantiation in the brain. Certainly the felt sense one has … Continue reading

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