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CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 36

CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 36 The latest edition of a monthly webTV show from the CFZ and CFZtv, bringing you the latest cryptozoological, and monster hunting news from around the world. This episode brings you: … Continue reading

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Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks

Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks | Video on

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BP Investigation Blocked By Senate BP Investigation Blocked By Senate. Kurt Nimmo August 29, 2010 Damn Rustics. It seems they think it is doable to investigate a transnational oil corporation owned by the Square Mile London financial district, the House of Windsor, the … Continue reading

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Triangle UFO Aug 22 , 2010 Fresno Calif. Triangle UFO Aug 22 , 2010 Fresno Calif.. A triangle-shaped UFO was captured on video by two California witnesses August 22, 2010, as the object came in north of Fresno, and headed south over Sanger, according to a statement … Continue reading

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Paul Kimball discusses high strangeness UFO case in Canada Paul Kimball discusses high strangeness UFO case in Canada. A clip from yours truly at Retro UF0 3, which was held in April 2008 at the Integratron in Landers, California. Here I recount the story of a UFO case … Continue reading

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9/11 In Wonderland

911 In Movies and Media Before September 11th Why can 911 be seen in so many movies before September 11th, 2001 and then afterward it stops? Is it subconscious psychic ability or signals being sent between people “In-The-know” to communicate … Continue reading

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War on whistleblower: CIA spies on WikiLeaks for Pentagon murder cover-up exposure? The Pentagon has been accused of spying on a whistleblower website that specialises in leaking top secret documents. The US Army has already labeled the website as a security threat. Now Wikileaks – which won Amnesty Internationals news media … Continue reading

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