JEFFERSON STARSHIP: Somebody to Love (The Brook, Southampton, 16th October 2012)

It has been several weeks since Graham and I staggered back from Jefferson Starship and were greeted by Corinna and Prudence at some time after four in the morning. I videoed both Jefferson Starship and Auburn and I know there have been a lot of you waiting to see the fruits of my videography. I am afraid this has been the busiest month I have had in many a year; we had a student for a week, we had the Barnstaple exhibition, and we have my lovely mother-in-law staying and also the launch of the Journal of Cryptozoology (the first peer-reviewed English language cryptozoological journal for many years). All this has happened at once and I am a meticulous sod as regards editing, and I just have not had time to do it.

Here is a rough cut from one camera of Somebody to Love It is a little distorted, but I am hoping to get hold of a soundboard tape as well as some footage taken by one of the JS crew on HD. We filmed on three cameras, and I think the results are going to be pretty cool. In the meantime, enjoy this and keep your fingers crossed.

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