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This is a summary from sightings reported to the MUFON website for the week of November 15th through the 21st.

On Tuesday November 12th in Bewleyville, KY at about 7pm a witness caught sight of red flashing light above the treetops in the eastern sky. To rule out mistaking it as a reflection the witness went outdoors. An object was observed hovering in place for a few seconds before it moved to the north and disappeared. The witness reported the lights did not behave anything like navigation lights on airplanes or helicopters and described the size to be twice that of a C-130 aircraft. It was cigar or disc shaped with a solid white light across the top and bottom and at the ends alternating blinking red lights. The witness also reported a second sighting at around 9:30pm. The second object was red with a white light across the bottom and the same alternating red lights on either side. The object hovered in place again for about 15 seconds before disappearing.
[Case#52249 Reported: Thursday 11/14 Event: Tuesday 11/12, 1 photo – ufo001.jpg]

The same day in Roanoke Virginia another witness observed an orb shaped object while walking outdoors. The object was moving in a straight line toward the witness from about 50 feet away when the photo was captured. The object took off straight up into the sky where it could not be seen any longer.
[Case#52250 Reported: Thursday 11/14 Event: Tuesday 11/12 1 photo — Riverorbandcloseup.jpg] [[Additional Info: Location coordinates: 37.266, -79.905
Camera Specs: Focal Length 4.6mm, Exposure 1/3759, F Number f/2.8, ISO 200]]

In Bogotá Columbia on Sunday November 20th at around 4pm a witness captured a UFO on video. The witness reported that the object moved in a straight line while spinning on its axis at a 45-degree angle. The bright illuminated diamond or round shaped object can be seen in the middle with two cylindrical objects on each side. The graphic inserts were contained in the submitted video.
[Case#52323 Reported: 11/20 Wednesday, Event: 11/17 Sunday, 1 video ovnisantaisabel.mpg]

On Monday November 18th in Yuba City, California at approximately 9:30pm a witness noticed lights through a window to the south. The witness went outside to get a better look and observed multiple lights moving from south to north and dissipating at the cloud line. The witness concluded that these were probably sky lanterns, which are commonly set off during cultural celebrations. A second report was submitted, case #52293, describing similar objects moving in the same direction.
[Case#52301 Reported: 11/19 Tuesday Event: 11/18 Monday, 1 video – VIDEO0302.mp4]

In Hudson Massachusetts on Tuesday November 19th a witness reported two pulsating multi colored orbs. The witness experienced difficulty capturing a clear, steady video with their Cannon Power Shot ELPH 510, so they observed the object through a telescope where a glowing orb could be seen clearly. Meanwhile helicopters and jets flew in the direction of the orbs. At the end of the second video the engines of the approaching jets can be heard.
[Case#52309 Reported: 11/19 Tuesday Event: 11/19 Tuesday, 2 videos -ObjectswithJump.mp4, Movingleftandright.mp4]
[[Additional Info: Camera type: Canon Power Shot ELPH 510HS–night scene setting/long shutter mode]]

On Wednesday November 20th in Durham North Carolina a witness observed a strange event while taking a photograph of the sunrise. A translucent orb appeared for around six to ten seconds at exactly 7:30am. According to the witness the aircraft that left the con-trail appeared to be chasing the object.
[Case# 52343 Reported: 11/20 Wednesday, Event: 11/20 Wednesday, 1 photo 20131120073040.jpg]

To check for sightings in your area you can search the MUFON database at MUFON.com and click on the link for UFO Case Files near the top right of the page or to report a sighting click on the UFO in the corner.

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