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The Neural Corrolates of Darko Maver The Neural Corrolates of Darko Maver. The experience of art as a distinct phenomenon, separable from other categories of experience, must be represented as a difference in its neural instantiation in the brain. Certainly the felt sense one has … Continue reading

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FLASHBACK: ARG-Watch on PsiOp-Radio May 2009 Even before my friend (and PsiOp-Radio fan) Brian Worsham started making short video-clips composed of choice moments from past PsiOp-Radio show episodes, I’d been wanting to experiment with my own video montages. Well, after several attempts at getting the … Continue reading

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Mother Hive Brain informercial

  WARNING – Contains Adult Content to Video Provided By: Greylodge A gang of complete lunatics leads an audience of maniacs into their own personal hell. Soundtrack from subQtaneous.  

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Special Blue Rose Report Tonight on Anomaly Radio from 6-8pm CST

   ALERT: Slight Change in Schedule …   PreRecorded Interview with Ty to air 6pm to 7pm CST.  Live Interview with Open Phone Lines for Callers from 7pm to 8pm CST.  This Week's Guest on The Blue Rose Report … Ty … Continue reading

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How To Make an Alternate Reality Game to Video Or Perplex City – A Look Behind The Scenes with Adrian Hon Google Tech Talks March 5, 2007   ABSTRACT: Alternate Reality Games not only exist on the web – they call you up, invade your TV show … Continue reading

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Documentary – the Enigma Alternate Reality Game to Video to Video to Video Provided By: vmpeople This documentary gives a good impression of how to plan and perform an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). "A Posteriori" was among the first commercial ARG's taking Place … Continue reading

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ARGFest ‘07 – “What’s an ARG?” to Video From:  thebruce Six panelists at ARGFest 2007 discuss the definition of an 'ARG', followed by a short clip from the live recording of the ARGFest netcast, followed by the ensuing nuttiness of late night geekdom. (transcript: … Continue reading

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