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Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship

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Nightvision Starlight UFOs AMAZING UFO FOOTAGE A MUST SEE VIDEO, DEBUNK THIS ONE!!. BEST UFO CATCH TO DATE 28 July 2009, 00:28 A/M 1 min into video. Filmed from my shed, with my son. Dundee, Scotland 28 July 2009, 00:28 AM … … Continue reading

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Esoteric Agenda to Video

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Aliens and the Ancient Sumerian Culture to Video Zecharia Sitchin on the Sumerian Tablets, Planet Nibiru's 3,600 year orbit and the genetic engineering of Homo Erectus into Homo Sapiens. 

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The great year Ancient Civiizations – India – Egypt – Mexico to Video Time cycles and calendar, yuga cycles Dual sun concept – equinox – precision

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Death star ‘could be wiping out alien life’

  London Telegraph Tuesday December 18, 2007 A black hole blasting an immense jet of energy into a neighbouring galaxy has been observed by astronomers for the first time. In a burst of galactic violence recorded by astronomers in the … Continue reading

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