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Ray Kurzweil… is Ramona Ray Kurzweil… is Ramona. Man and woman combined into ONE gender singularity. Learn more at Advertisements

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Total Immersions Augmented Reality Demo to Video Total Immersions Augmented Reality Demo

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Frequency Clear.TV – Cyber Punk Apocalypse to Video

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World Wide Mind to Video Part 1 of 6 What does the future hold for humanity? If the future is anything like this video then expect a dystopian nightmare. This propaganda video highlights the “benefits” of a brain chip inserted into every … Continue reading

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Cyborg to Video

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Users Can Now Control Second Life With Brain to Video The Matrix is here. Users of Second Life can now have their brains directly wired into a computer system that lets them control the virtual world with only their minds. The Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at Keio University … Continue reading

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Holograms & TelePresence – Kate Moss and Al Gore to Video to Video

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