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Rachel Maddow – Dock's Rebellion 2000 Election Fake Protests Rachel Maddow – Dock’s Rebellion 2000 Election Fake Protests Like Anti-Healthcare?. Advertisements

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Tehran streets after election day Iran election. Riot in tehran streets after election day – 13/06/09.

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Peter Dale Scott: Saving American Politics from the Present Two-Party System The disparity of income and wealth in the US was increased by the first round of bank bail-outs. On 1/27/09, in front of an audience of Republicans, Scott explains the necessity to construct futur… The disparity of income and … Continue reading

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Citizine Community Political Forum in Austin, Texas 10/28/2008

    TOLL ROADS — TAXES — TASERS!!   Citizine & Texans for Accountable Government present a panel representing a wide spectrum of political parties at Spider House Patio Bar and Cafe in Austin, Texas on October 28, 2008   … Continue reading

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Baltimore City Paper – News+Features: Epic Cop Fail

Epic Cop Fail Or How Obama Won The Election, and I Spent The Night in Central Booking Tim Castlen A crowd of revelers gathered on the streets of Charles Village on Election Night. <!–   digg_skin = ‘icon’; digg_window = … Continue reading

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Police Brutality in Baltimore Election 08 to Video Baltimore Sun: Post-election revelry ends at jail JHU professor, 15 others arrested then released after celebrating on city street By Gus G. Sentementes November 6, 2008 Tabitha Amendolara (right), William Mathis and David Disimino, all 19, sit … Continue reading

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Black Widow Symbolism on Election Night

  The Obama family dressed in red and black the night of Barack's presidential victory, with Michelle's dress resembling a black widow spider.  Who's sending a message here, and what is it? to Video

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