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ANTM Contestant Tries To Spread The Truth ANTM Contestant Tries To Spread The Truth. ANTM Cycle 12 [America’s Next Top Model] – Meet the Model Monique Jesus Nut Vs Conspiracy Theorist on Tyra Show Advertisements

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Microchip Additions to Clothing Possible to Video Microchip Additions to Clothing Possible CHAN: Ever feel like big brother is watching you sometimes? Well if you wear the right clothing it might just be the case. Our New York team tells us how clothing companies … Continue reading

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Black Widow Symbolism on Election Night

  The Obama family dressed in red and black the night of Barack's presidential victory, with Michelle's dress resembling a black widow spider.  Who's sending a message here, and what is it? to Video

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Holograms & TelePresence – Kate Moss and Al Gore to Video to Video

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