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A Terrible Mistake – Author H.P. Albarelli on PsiOp-Radio Sunday Night

PsiOp Radio 113 – 100502 with guest H.P. Albarelli A TERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments Tune in to ANOMALY RADIO & AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO Networks this Sunday night LIVE from 7-9pm … Continue reading

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French professor sacked over 9/11 conspiracy theory French professor sacked over 9/11 conspiracy theory | Top Stories from 2009-02-27 | RT.

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BLOODLINE – Gino Sandri, Priory of Sion General Secretary to Video Bruce met with Priory of Sion 'General Secretary', Gino Sandri, who had worked closely with the late Pierre Plantard. They met at the same Paris Café where Plantard used to meet the authors of Holy Blood, … Continue reading

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BLOODLINE – Nicolas Haywood on the Priory of Sion to Video Bruce was also put in touch with an Englishman, Nicolas Haywood, who claimed to speak on behalf of The Priory of Sion's inner circle. They met several times. Here Bruce and researcher, Robert Howells, talk to Haywood … Continue reading

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Situationalist International to Video Part One On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: The Situationist International 1956-1972 A video documentary combining exhibition footage of the Situationist International exhibitions with film footage of the … Continue reading

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Jacques Vallee on Remote Viewing, UFOs & The Cometa Report to Video Jacques Vallee on Remote Viewing, UFOs & The Cometa Report

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So THAT's What They Call It … to Video to Video to Video  Tecktonik dance craze takes Paris by storm  View larger image A new homespun urban dance phenomenon has taken hold in Paris and is quickly … Continue reading

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