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Obama: The Rothschild's Chosen Pharaoh Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense Program Advertisements

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Molecular Visualizations of DNA Molecular Visualizations of DNA. Amazing CGI visualization of molecular biology’s central dogma. It shows animations of DNA coiling, replication, transcription and translation. It was created by Drew Berry of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

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Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – 1 of 9 1 of 9 Taken from ConCen: Never heard of Codex Alimentarius? That’s exactly what they want! The UN plan to eradicate organic farming & to destroy the Natural Health … Continue reading

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John Holdren in the Hot Seat over Eugenics Background

 Part One of Five (parts 2-5 below the fold) Holdren Forced To Respond To Controversy Over Totalitarian Population Control Proposals Obama Science Advisor Called For “Planetary Regime” To Enforce Totalitarian Population Control Measures Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson: Obama … Continue reading

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Law Would Take DNA from Suspects Law Would Take DNA from Suspects.

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David Icke on the Alex Jones Show 10/6/2008 to Video 1 Topics Discussed: The Game, The System, Centralization of Power, The Nature of Reality, Consciousness Expansion & Increasing Frequency Field Vibration, Vibrating Energy, Slowing Down Frequency Through Fear and Stress, Manipulating Humanity into Misidentifying Itself, Human … Continue reading

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Richard Baker, Reptilian Eyes? to Video Former U.S. Representative Richard Baker (R) Louisiana Image 1    Image 2    Image 3 Video: Fannie & Freddie's Friends In High Places (It is recommended to enlarge this video at 1:45)

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