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Sarah Palin ABC Interview with Charles Gibson to Video Advertisements

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Scott Horton and Israeli Airstrips in Georgia to Video The US and Israel were building airstrips in Georgia to attack Iran from when the idiot Saakishvili attacked South Ossetia. The first thing the Russians did was take out the Israeli hardware. Scott Horton and Israeli Airstrips … Continue reading

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No Surprise: Bigfoot Hoax Confession Video with Apology to Video Watch this video before it vanishes. Rick Dyer appears to have uploaded a video explaining, confessing, revealing, and pointing fingers at other alleged co-conspirators in this hoax. And apologizing. Cryptomundo » Hoaxers’ Video Confession & Apology to … Continue reading

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Decapitated Heads, 888, and The Serpent of the Crossing to Video

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Georgia Sasquatch to Video From: georgiabigfootteam This video has a bit of redundancy that I thought was necessary. But I am introducing some of the other evidence that I have, including a handprint and a few other things. Anyway, just have … Continue reading

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