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Dont piss this woman off! Dont piss this woman off!. Advertisements

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Man Exercising Open Carry in Phoenix Explains Obamacare: Theft Plain and Simple More Gun-Toting Protesters At Obama Events  For the third time in a week, gun-toting demonstrators have shown up at events for President Obama, as he tries to sell his health care reform plan.  About a dozen people carrying guns, … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Interviews Gun Carrying American from Obama Town Hall Chris Matthews Interviews Gun Carrying American from Obama Town Hall.

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North American Leaders' Summit to Be Held August 9-10 in Mexico

The North American Leaders’ Summit is the official name of the trilateral annual summit between the prime minister of Canada, and the presidents of Mexico and the United States.  It started as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, … Continue reading

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FLASHBACK – Liberty Cafe: What is HR 45? (Chicks with Guns!) Liberty Cafe: What is HR 45? (Chicks with Guns!). Call your congressman and tell them to vote no on HR 45 – the bill that infringes on your 2nd Amendment Rights! This bill would make YOU a criminal for … Continue reading

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Texas Monthly Talks TED NUGENT Texas Monthly Talks TED NUGENT. Rock musician Ted Nugent discusses his views on the Second Amendment with Evan Smith, editor of TEXAS MONTHLY.

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The Simple Truth with Bob Dacy 3/2/2009 – Special Guest Dr. Katherine Albrecht,video_uid=309bd6bb181de5c1be * Guest: Dr. Katherine Albrecht on Spychips and the future of RFID and surveillance. * Bob gives examples of mainstream media lies, spin, and omission on today’s current issues: * Vaccines * Bailouts * “Climate Change” * and Gun … Continue reading

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