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Argentina's Economic Collapse Argentina’s Economic Collapse – Part 1 of 12 Documentary on the events that led to the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001 which wiped out the middle class and raised the level of poverty to 57.5%. Central to … Continue reading

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Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship

Part One Part Two Part Three

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Rumor of aliens landing in Aurora, Texas, has lived 112 years Rumor of aliens landing in Aurora, Texas, has lived 112 years 11/03/09 – Houston News –

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Live From Shiva's Dance Floor Live From Shiva’s Dance Floor is a short documentary directed by acclaimed filmmaker Richard Linklater. The film follows Timothy “Speed” Levitch as he tours lower Manhattan and Ground Zero. Speed – a philosopher, historian and self-described “cruiser” – believes … Continue reading

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Obama: The Rothschild's Chosen Pharaoh Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense Program

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BBC with Nick Pope on UFOs UFO Evidence: Interview with Nick Pope – 09/11/2006 UFO Evidence: Interview with Nick Pope – 09/11/2006 BBC NEWS Nick Pope is a British government official who has worked at the Ministry of Defence since joining in 1985. He … Continue reading

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Jacques Vallee – The Software of Consciousness – IRVA 2007

I bought this DVD just recently. Excellent overview of the history of Jacque Vallee’s involvement in the Remote Viewing programs started at Stanford Research Institute and carried on within the military. Many of the details can also be found in … Continue reading

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Did we evolve from aquatic apes? Elaine Morgan I remember reading about this idea many years ago. I look forward to watching this video. – SMiles TED Blog: Did we evolve from aquatic apes? Elaine Morgan on

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Doug Skinner on John Keel and the Mothman Doug Skinner on “John Keel and the Mothman” From the 2002 FortFest, Skinner discusses the background of John Keel and his involvement in the “Mothman” incident. Fortean lectures in their entirety are available on DVD from INFO. More information … Continue reading

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Power & Control: LSD in The Sixties. A Film By Aron Ranen

Power & Control: LSD in The Sixties. A Film By Aron Ranen

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