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Devil Baby Rampages Through New York City


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Lee Speigel on Ripley’s Atacama Humanoid

  Lee Speigel on Ripley’s Atacama Humanoid Believe it or Not: The Atacama “Alien” is Human, and Ripley Knew It First 05/11/2013 5:39 PM | Greg Newkirk Lee Speigel on Ripley’s Atacama Humanoid via Lee Speigel on Ripley’s Atacama … Continue reading

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Fake Lake Monster Video from a New York Lake FAKE MONSTER VIDEO FROM A NEW YORK LAKE.

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The Neural Corrolates of Darko Maver The Neural Corrolates of Darko Maver. The experience of art as a distinct phenomenon, separable from other categories of experience, must be represented as a difference in its neural instantiation in the brain. Certainly the felt sense one has … Continue reading

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Anomaly Magazine EXCLUSIVE: Another “Dublin UFO” Hoax Underway Against the Media?

Who’s Pranking Whom? Why Ireland and Why Triangular UFOs? AUSTIN – It’s like déjà vu all over again … remember back in October 2008 when we broke the story of how someone in Ireland’s media had been convinced that a … Continue reading

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Broma de extraterrestres termina mal Broma de extraterrestres termina mal.

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Greatest Prank Call Ever Greatest Prank Call Ever.

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