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Virginia Postrel on Glamour

Virginia Postrel on glamour | Video on In a timely talk, cultural critic Virginia Postrel muses on the true meaning, and the powerful uses, of glamour — which she defines as any calculated, carefully polished image designed to impress … Continue reading

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Tom and Jerry Illuminati Hollywood

What’s with the Illuminati symbolism in this modern Tom & Jerry cartoon?  

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Tracy Torme on Fire in the Sky and SciFi TV Tracy Torme Pt.1 of 12 Screenwriter, film producer, and co-author of Fastwalker with Jacques Vallee, Tracy Torme discussed his research into abductions and UFOs. Citing a lifelong interest in UFOs, Torme said his first suspicion that the phenomena was real … Continue reading

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Jon Ronson on Coast to Coast AM about his book The Men Who Stare At Goats

part 1 of 12 Jon Ronson on Coast to Coast AM…

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Kid Rock Ft. Alex Jones – Warrior Video Kid Rock Ft. Alex Jones – Warrior Video. Alex Jones does a cover for Kid Rock’s new military propaganda video titled warrior. Edited together by me. CLICK MORE FOR LYRICS! Software used sony vegas 9 platinum, prison planet subscription … Continue reading

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News Busted – Ep. 2-68, June 19 Ep. 2-68, June 19

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His Highness Hollywood – Film Trailer to Video Award winning investigative reporter Ian Halperin infiltrates Hollywood, posing undercover as a gay actor whos a member of the "Israeli Royal Family". In this rollicking, hilarious film His Highness Halperin gets cast in several films, infiltrates the … Continue reading

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Japanese AquaHologram of Loch Ness Monster to Video Amazing hologram marketing campaign for the Loch Ness monster movie, The Water Horse, in Japan. They go all out and use a giant hologram in Tokyo Bay. The feat uses a water screen (carefully sprayed water jet) … Continue reading

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The Hellfire Club to Video The Hellfire Club

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BIGFOOT with Joi Lansing to Video

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