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The Grassy Knoll Trailer The Grassy Knoll Trailer Promo Trailer/Opemimg Sequence for “The Grasst Knoll: FBI Agents Re-examine The JFK Assassination” Advertisements

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John Keel on Mothman w/ Andy Colvin

In episode 8, shot in 2003, Andy Colvin attends the 2003 Mothman Festival in Pt. Pleasant, WV, where he appears on the nightly news, visits the recently unveiled statue, and interviews John Keel on all things conspiratorial… For more on … Continue reading

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Betsy Metz Presents Able Danger – W/Speaker Sander Hicks – 12/18/2008

Betsy Metz Presents Able Danger – W/Speaker Sander Hicks – 12/18/2008 Betsy is continuing to show movies at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater. Tonight’s show was “Able Danger” which is loosely based on author, and 9/11 Truth activist, Sander Hicks.

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9/11 – The Reflecting Pool – Interview to Video Jonathan Mark interviews Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp (son of Robert Culp) co-producers and co-stars of "The Reflecting Pool" – 9/11 – The Reflecting Pool – Interview – 1/6

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Greg Bishop and Paul Kimball at Giant Rock

Paul Kimball Presents … Greg Bishop at Giant Rock talking about UFO Contactees and the heyday of Flying Saucer conventions. The Other Side of Truth: Greg Bishop at Giant Rock Also check out the upcoming Retro UFO Convention at the … Continue reading

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Documentary – the Enigma Alternate Reality Game to Video to Video to Video Provided By: vmpeople This documentary gives a good impression of how to plan and perform an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). "A Posteriori" was among the first commercial ARG's taking Place … Continue reading

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Boggy Creek (student film) to Video to Video From:  PizzaHurl My student film from last year, Boggy Creek is one of the coolest things I've ever done. Look for the extended cut coming soon and, if demand is high enough, a blooper … Continue reading

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