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Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief and the Law of Attraction DVD. presentcourse – YouTube Visit  for more information about this film.    This is a trailer of the innovative documentary film Beyond Belief. This film reveals the role beliefs play in creating your … Continue reading

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SRI Uri Geller experiments

SRi Uri Geller experiments videos. Experiments with Uri Geller at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California-Please view all the 4 parts. For further details on Uri Geller includuing his history, interviews, many books and products please click here!

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Jake Kotze – "JC" Movie Synchromysticism Red Ice Live – Jake Kotze – “JC” Movie Synchromysticism Pt1 We explore the “composite characters” Jim Carrey (JC) and Jennifer Connelly (JC) from a Synchromystic perspective with Jake Kotze from “The Blob”. We discuss: The Man … Continue reading

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Robert Anton Wilson on Hour of Slack Robert Anton Wilson on Hour of Slack. Hour of Slack radio show circa 1986-08-07 Principia Discordia first printing in Jim Garrison’s offices

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A Rigorous Intuition – tribute collage

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Tom and Jerry Illuminati Hollywood

What’s with the Illuminati symbolism in this modern Tom & Jerry cartoon?  

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Free Austin Consciousness Community Viewing of THE SHIFT

THE SHIFT – A Movie Being Made by a Movement This coming Tuesday, December 9th, a joint INACS & Austin IONS community event is happening at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin at 4700 Grover at 6:30pm CST. 12/08/09: … Continue reading

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