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The Celtic Rebel Stynks Up The Truth Movement By Smearing His Shit on Matrix Metaphors Advertisements

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Terry Gilliam's Brazil & False-Flag Terrorism Terry Gilliam’s Brazil & False-Flag Terrorism.  

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Banksys "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Banksys Exit Through The Gift Shop Exclusive 5 min Extended Sneak Peek. Hat tip to Jeff at RigorousIntuition OPENS IN CINEMAS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES BEGINNING APRIL 16TH For Exact Theaters And Showtimes Check The Official Website: Exit … Continue reading

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Cognition Factor – Official Trailer Cognition Factor – Official Trailer. More clips and background vids…

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John Keel on Mothman w/ Andy Colvin

In episode 8, shot in 2003, Andy Colvin attends the 2003 Mothman Festival in Pt. Pleasant, WV, where he appears on the nightly news, visits the recently unveiled statue, and interviews John Keel on all things conspiratorial… For more on … Continue reading

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Messer Chups – Flash of the Night

Messer Chups – Flash of the Night. Flying Saucer Songs about UFOs 9 Videos Music dealing with the Flying Saucer Phenomenon and the UFO Problem.

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Fear and loathing (Deleted Scene!) The DA from GA… Fear and loathing (Deleted Scene!) The DA from GA….

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