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BP Investigation Blocked By Senate BP Investigation Blocked By Senate. Kurt Nimmo August 29, 2010 Damn Rustics. It seems they think it is doable to investigate a transnational oil corporation owned by the Square Mile London financial district, the House of Windsor, the … Continue reading

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Non-stop black blobs seeping from seafloor  Non-stop black blobs seeping from seafloor BP live feed from Ocean Intervention III ROV 2 August 17, 2010 at 12:55 p.m. EDT: Non-stop black blobs seeping from seafloor. Switches to overhead view after 2:20 mark. h/t  Marcelo from Brazil … Continue reading

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Flashback: Coast Guard bans reporters from oil cleanup sites

Anderson Cooper: ‘We are not the enemy here’ Journalists who come too close to oil spill clean-up efforts without permission could find themselves facing a $40,000 fine and even one to five years in prison under a new rule instituted … Continue reading

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BP Oil Spill: Is Corexit Having an Effect on Plants and Wildlife? BP Oil Spill: Is Corexit Having an Effect on Plants and Wildlife?.

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