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Richard Baker, Reptilian Eyes? to Video Former U.S. Representative Richard Baker (R) Louisiana Image 1    Image 2    Image 3 Video: Fannie & Freddie's Friends In High Places (It is recommended to enlarge this video at 1:45) Advertisements

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UFOs among us to Video UFOs among us

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The Freeman Perspective w/ Dr. Michael Salla to Video 1/11/2007 – Dr. Michael Salla joins Freeman on a discussion of everything extraterrestrial. As head of the Exopolitics Institute, Dr. Salla has much to say about ET activity on planet earth.

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Ickean lizards hit prime time

Coming this Thursday: "CBS – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Leapin' Lizards Thu, May 3, 9:00 PM | Run Time: 60 min. TV-14 Stereo Several suspects in a murder case are UFO-club members who believe shape-shifting aliens have been working to … Continue reading

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Shapeshifter / Transformer from Turkey to Video

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Aphex Twin – “Rubber Johhny” to Video

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