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IFO: Identified Falling Object – Doctor’s Office Hit By Meteorite “Loud. Loud enough [that] you could hear it, maybe, a block or two away,” recalls Reese. “I’m surprised it didn’t break our glass. That’s how loud it was.” … The debris was smoldering and metallic. The two physicians puzzled … Continue reading

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Strange similar Fire UFO Ring or something drops from sky

  undeclared orbital security station being deorbited due to a major system failure. this space platform was similar to the well-known ISS platform although no people were on board at the time and no one was injured as a result … Continue reading

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This Fortean Island: UFOs, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Death to Video This is one of the weirdest collections of Fortean anecdotes I've yet seen online. No connecting link besides a macabre fascination with murder, mayhem, and general Fortean weirdness. Includes references to bigfoot-like wildman reports, expeditions in search … Continue reading

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Ice falls from the sky, totals car

 This chunk of ice is part of what reportedly fell out of the sky and onto a car, totaling it. TAMPA – You probably see ice just about everyday—but not in a big block that has fallen from the sky … Continue reading

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