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What is "THE EVƎNT"? Post 911 / Post UFO Disclosure Reality?

“THE EVƎNT” – Post 911 / Post UFO Disclosure Reality? THE EVƎNT [4:20 min] Disappearing Witnesses, Secret Alaska Prison with Research Labs for Non-US Prisoners, attempted Assassination of the President with a Plane as Missile, attempted Shoot-Down of US … Continue reading

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Terry Gilliam's Brazil & False-Flag Terrorism Terry Gilliam’s Brazil & False-Flag Terrorism.  

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Scott Horton and Reese Erlich – Obama's Challenge: Iran, Nuclear Weapons and the Fate of the Middle East

Scott Horton is Assistant Editor at and host of Anti War Radio on KAOS 95.9 FM Austin, Texas. This is an excerpt from a debate on, “Obama’s Challenge: Iran, Nuclear Weapons and the Fate of the Middle East” that took … Continue reading

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OKC Bombing Survivor Jane Graham on the Alex Jones show

OKC Bombing Survivor Jane Graham Reveals Gov. Prior Knowledge on … Murrah bombing survivor says feds involved in blast that killed … Murrah Federal Building Survivor Talks with Alex Jones

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A Terrible Mistake – Author H.P. Albarelli on PsiOp-Radio Sunday Night

PsiOp Radio 113 – 100502 with guest H.P. Albarelli A TERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments Tune in to ANOMALY RADIO & AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO Networks this Sunday night LIVE from 7-9pm … Continue reading

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Ron Paul: CIA runs the U.S. government, military after coup

Republican Congressman Ron Paul delivered a speech at the Campaign for Liberty regional conference in Atlanta over the weekend and said the Central Intelligence Agency runs the United States government and military after its coup d’etat. Republican Congressman of Texas … Continue reading

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BBC Conspiracy Files: Osama Bin Laden Dead or Alive Complete in Six Parts

BBC Conspiracy Files: Osama Bin Laden Dead or Alive Complete in Six Parts on Youtube |

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