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iPhone Helicopter from Parrot

Parrot has setup a YouTube channel to carry all the important info about the AR-Drone. You can watch more videos of the bots as they get tested for the first time, calibrate their vertical camera, and run their batteries in … Continue reading

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Aurora Excalibur VTOL UAV First Flight Aurora Excalibur VTOL UAV First Flight. Aurora Flight Sciences video of the first flight of its Excalibur experimental vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft. The 13ft-long UAV is powered by a tilting jet engine and three battery-powered lift fans. … Continue reading

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Jeremy Scahill: CIA Hired Private Military Firm Blackwater for Secret Assassination Program The New York Times is reporting the CIA hired contractors from Blackwater in 2004 as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of Al Qaeda. The C.I.A. spent several million dollars on the program, which … Continue reading

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Strange Japanese Sea Creatures Strange Japanese Sea Creatures.

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Flashback: Fake black triangle UFO with red lights to Video This is a fake UFO. (created by Jeff Wilson of Morristown, Tennessee) This was done to give researchers an information on how to spot hoaxes. see and for full details. The craft was a large … Continue reading

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Anomaly Magazine: Triangular UFO Footage Mystery Solved

In a recent forum discussion (Triangle ufo at Rigorous Intuition forums) someone brought to my attention video of an alleged triangular UFO that shoots a red beam of light. The video is posted online at several websites: Zwamneus Report, YouTube, … Continue reading

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Honeywell micro air vehicle to Video Honeywell's backpack-carried ducted-fan micro-UAV developed under DARPA's MAV programme – now deployed in Iraq Honeywell micro air vehicle

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