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John McCain,The Manchurian Candidate? to Video Alex Jones Spoke with Jack McLamb Wednesday on the radio show. The Two discussed Senator John McCain. Officer McLamb explains that as a Vietnam veteran, he knows and is in contact with veterans, and a few P.O.W.s. … Continue reading

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Alex Jones’ Terrorstorm – 2006 to Video

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Kay Griggs Interview – Military Black Ops & Blackmail in the U.S. Government to Video to Video Kay Griggs, wife of colonel George Griggs, USMC (retired USMC Commandant): 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, found her husband's diary which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US … Continue reading

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Veterans Swindled? to Video Provided By: injusticexposed Hosted by Fred Smart and Dr. Warren. Special Guest: Vietnam Veteran, Mr. Edwin Crosby III, from New York. Up to TWENTY MILLION honorably discharged vets deliberately robbed blind and, as yet, most of … Continue reading

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Chanh Hung night fish market, Saigon, Vietnam to Video Music by Spring Heel Jack. This market only sells fish for the wholesale and commercial trade. Fish starts arriving late in the evening and is shipped throughout Saigon and beyond during the night. From

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