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Cindy Sheehan Moving to Washington – Political Punch

Jake Tapper ABC News October 6, 2009 She’s back and this time, she’s here to stay. Cindy Sheehan says she is moving to Washington. The anti-war activist was outside the White House for the second day in a row, with … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience Act Blocking Congress Vehicle Exit With 9/11 Truther Getting Arrested Civil Disobedience Act Blocking Congress Vehicle Exit With 9/11 Truther Getting Arrested |

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Ron Paul speaks on economics – Seattle

Youtube Saturday February 2, 2008 Ron Paul speaks to local business and financial leaders at Lake Union Crew, Seattle on January 31, 2008. (Article continues below)   Ron Paul – Seattle WA 1/31/08 Youtube Friday February 1, 2008

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Kay Griggs Interview – Military Black Ops & Blackmail in the U.S. Government to Video to Video Kay Griggs, wife of colonel George Griggs, USMC (retired USMC Commandant): 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, found her husband's diary which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US … Continue reading

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National Press Club UFO Press Conference November 2007 to Video

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Encampment to Stop the War

The Encampment to Stop the War has moved to the streets!

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Bush in Seattle!!!

WACS greets the illegitimate president on his way to the Bellevue Hyatt hotel. Many people from the NW including members from Portland 9/11 Truth came out to show their true feelings towards Bush.

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