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Freeman at Brave New Books 7/20/2013 – Aliens From Hell

What occult practices have the Nazis, and now NASA, employed to communicate and channel entities into our dimension? What is the real purpose of the billions going into particle colliders like CERN? What is Blue Beam, a faked alien invasion, … Continue reading

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Austin Public Access Classic: A Few Nice Things – Fourth Episode – “Lost”

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Brazilian Fishermen Find Giant Anaconda

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Devil Baby Rampages Through New York City

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Adam Gorightly – Parafornia

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Abandoned 60s Film set: A Miniature Underwater City

Abandoned 60s Film set: A Miniature Underwater City Before & After In “don’t be a tourist” “Featured” on April 24, 2013 at 5:31 pm The aquatic town was built between 1963 and 1965 by French filmmakers who wanted to shoot … Continue reading

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Freeman & Jamie at Brave New Books 4/6/2013: Weird Stuff – Operation Culture Creation Weird Stuff is an encyclopedia of the occult in pop culture, politics, and new technologies. There has never been a book like it! Explore “High Profile Rituals” on prime-time television. Understand how your children are being programmed … Continue reading

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Elisa Lam Syncs

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UFO Lens Flare in Google Street View – Jacksonville, Texas×221&freeWheel.siteSectionId=nws_offsite&closedCaptionActive=true& UFO or Lens Flare in Google Street View? You Decide – ABC News. Andrea Dove contacted ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas with an interesting tip. Dove was using Google Maps to get directions to visit her aunt … Continue reading

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Harry’s Law tv show tackles Domestic Drones and Privacy

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