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Zombies Run TxDOT is Not Amused Zombies Run TxDOT is Not Amused | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Are Violent Video Games Preparing Kids For The Apocalypse? Are Violent Video Games Preparing Kids For The Apocalypse?.

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Metallica All Nightmare Long Music Video on Yahoo! Music

Metallica All Nightmare Long Music Video on Yahoo! Music

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1945 Human Experiment Predicts Current Fluoride Ill Effects

  Sally Stride OpEdNews Thursday January 24, 2008 In 1945 dentists set out to prove that adding fluoride chemicals into public water supplies safely prevented children’s tooth decay. The studies failed; but early fluoridationists ignored this inconvenient truth and forged … Continue reading

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How To Survive a Zombie Attack, In Plain English to Video

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Bush Worried About New Threat – Watch more free videos Bush Worried About New Threat My Break Thursday Aug 9, 2007 President Bush is worried about a new threat to America and is asking congress to approve a $50 billion defense supplemental. They are … Continue reading

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1500 Filipino Inmates Do Thriller

  “Thriller” as performed by inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center Hat tip to

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Guy’s Guide to Zombies to Video From:  telecallao The 1950s were known for their ridiculous newsreels (you know, the anti-communist, pro-consumerism propaganda crap). But this one takes the cake — it's a call for humans to join hands with the undead. Can you … Continue reading

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28 Weeks Later official UK Trailer to Video 28 WEEKS LATER, the follow up to 28 Days Later, picks up six months after the rage virus has annihilated the British Isles. The US Army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that … Continue reading

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