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Chinese Dissident Rails Against NYU-China Link LinkAsia

Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng claims he is being forced out of his fellowship at New York University because of Chinese pressure. Guangcheng caught the world’s attention after a daring escape from house arrest to the American embassy in Beijing … Continue reading

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Chen Guangcheng Almost Free!

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Guangcheng Challenge for U.S. After Escape by China Activist http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/28/world … china.html China’s Forced Sterilization Tyranny Hits Home Chinese activist fighting forced sterilisations beaten Date: 10-06-05 09:38 A few days ago I saw the typical headlines from China, “Chinese abortion … Continue reading

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Flashback 2008: NYU Law professor Jerome A. Cohen on Rights Defender Chen Guangcheng

NYU Law professor Jerome A. Cohen on Rights Defender Chen Guangcheng NYU Law professor Jerome Cohen speaks to the Chinese Democracy Education Foundation 2008 Awards Ceremony about rights defender Chen Guangcheng. October 25, 2008 

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The End of Privacy: Entire City to Track People With Public Eye Scanners

Imagine a public eye scanner that can identify 50 people per minute, in motion. Now imagine that the government install these scanner systems all across an entire city. Or don’t imagine it, because it’s already happening, right now. The City … Continue reading

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Anomalous Phenomenon Over China / Khazakhstan, June / July 2010

There is no shortage of weird shit going on these days. I think the passing of the 2nd Sun and Planet Nibiru may be the reason but I ain’t for certain. There’s all these sinkholes opening up and there are … Continue reading

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Interview: Zhang Yifang on UFOs and aliens in China

The 2009 International Astronomy Year and Extraterrestrial Life Forum was held from October 31 through November 16 at Dongfeng Plaza. GoKunming spoke on the sidelines of the forum with forum organizer Zhang Yifang (张一方), founder and former director of the … Continue reading

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Chinese Dissidents Committed to Mental Hospitals | China Digital Times (CDT)

China News: Video: Chinese Dissidents Committed to Mental Hospitals | China Digital Times (CDT).

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