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Cornel West Chris Hedges at Goldman Sachs Mock Trial Occupy Wall St Nov 3 2011 people’s hearing

Cornel West Chris Hedges at Goldman Sachs Mock Trial Occupy Wall St Nov 3 2011 people’s hearing.

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“Don’t Be Evil?” video from Consumer WatchDog

  Our new “Don’t Be Evil?” video – Final Version. Italian, British authorities tackle Google over privacy concerns Deutsche Welle – ?Oct 29, 2010? Government hearings in the UK and data privacy rulings in Italy put Google in the spotlight over … Continue reading

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INSIDE JOB Official trailer

INSIDE JOB Official Trailer in HD! SonyPicturesClassics via 911Blogger.com. SonyPicturesClassics | August 23, 2010 From Academy Award® nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson (“No End In Sight”), comes INSIDE JOB, the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis … Continue reading

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MPDs “Heat Mapping” Aims to Predict Where Crime Will Happen

http://wpty.img.entriq.net/dayportcore/dpm/DayPortPlayers.js// MPDs “Heat Mapping” Aims to Predict Where Crime Will Happen SOURCE: myEyewitnessNews.com

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Vid of the Week: Antoine Dodson reports and sings ‘Bed Intruder’

ANOMALY-TV VIDEO OF THE WEEK Dun Dun DUN DUNNN!!! Are Catchy Songs Memes? Recently a friend at work was describing the latest catchy video featuring mashup / re-edits of televised news reports, in this case featuring breaking and entering and … Continue reading

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Yolanda Madden released from prison, granted retrial

‘KopBusters’ filmmaker hails collective effort to ‘fight corruption’ A high-profile Texas drug prisoner is prisoner no more. On Friday, Dec. 18, a federal judge in Odessa granted Yolanda Madden her freedom, allowing her to walk out of state custody for … Continue reading

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What You Didn't Know About The War

WARNING: Disturbing Images and Information This video is mandatory viewing to all supporters of the war(s). Narration used in the video is DAHLIA WASFI. Her website is http://www.liberatethis.com Please also visit: http://www.antiwar.com http://www.ivaw.net whatreallyhappened.com http://www.wearechangevancouver.org

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