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Obama on the pyramids at Giza – Barackhenaten

Barackhenaten Obama – Reincarnation of Pharoah Akhenaton? (CNN)– President Barack Obama got a welcome surprise during a short sightseeing jaunt that capped off his recent visit to Egypt. While touring the pyramids at Giza, Obama came across a hieroglyphic that … Continue reading

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The Freeman Perspective w/ Dr. Michael Salla to Video 1/11/2007 – Dr. Michael Salla joins Freeman on a discussion of everything extraterrestrial. As head of the Exopolitics Institute, Dr. Salla has much to say about ET activity on planet earth.

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Aliens and the Ancient Sumerian Culture to Video Zecharia Sitchin on the Sumerian Tablets, Planet Nibiru's 3,600 year orbit and the genetic engineering of Homo Erectus into Homo Sapiens. 

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“Mysteries From Beyond Earth” (1975) movie trailer to Video  From:  retroflicks   Have alien astronauts frequently visited earth throughout time? Did the legendary continent of Atlantis really exist? Is our world actually a hollow sphere? Can plants sense human thoughts and emotions? Your host Lawrence Dobkin … Continue reading

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